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Nero the Sable

Player Information

Name: Shikki
Journal: [Bad username: shiyouxdaemon]
Age: 17
IM: Shikyou Daemon
Timezone: UTC-4

Character Information

Name: Nero the Sable
Age: 23
Personality: Gifted with a sharp wit and the ability to deduce a person's weaknesses based upon careful analysis, Nero is a deadly opponent. Even without his weapons he's not to be underestimated. It ends poorly, even for those who don't end up in Oblivion. He speaks in a calm, lilting voice, often humourless or laced with a light sarcastic tone. He enjoys playing with people's heads and hearts, often leaving them in broken pieces once he's done of his games. He's quiet and reserved, it's very hard to predict anything he's going to do. DeepGround's managed to build a silent killing machine out of him. People seem to misjudge his power. That's usually their first (and more often than not, only) mistake, the second is usually to attempt to challenge him to combat or write him off. Regardless, most people do not make it out of a battle with him alive, and those that do are often far from sane).

There is very little traditional good in him. While seemingly capable of love, the only person he seems to be able to connect with is Weiss. Due to his blind loyalty and a complete lack of a conscience, Nero lacks any sort of real sense of what is right and wrong. Sacrificing hundreds of people doesn't bother him on any level nor does killing or torturing his own allies when ordered to. Nero is quite sadistic underneath that flat, calm exterior and it doesn't take much to bring it out. He revels in driving people to insanity and watching them break rather than a quick and merciful kill even when just on a simple mission.

If you wrong him on a personal level, things for you are just going to get that much worse. There is little that Nero will not do to harm a person who angers him. The easiest, and most suicidal way to do this is to threaten his brother. That is the most sure-fire way to ensure his hate and the end of your life. Nero's actions seem to indicate that he's undeniably insane. His actions closely resemble that of Sephiroth and his Remnant's overwhelming atrocities to get their 'mother'. He has said that Weiss was the only person who ever loved him, and the only person he can ever love. Much like the remnants, however if prompted, it's possible for him to adapt some sort of civilian mask - or at least a calm facade, that allows him to function. Naturally, this cover is fragile, and prodding any sore spots may result in a violent outburst that could easily end in your death. Lift a weapon at his brother and he will enter a state of near-hysteria and destroy you before you even have the chance to reconsider.

Nero displays a disturbing dependence on is older brother. He idolizes Weiss, he considers him a god. It is likely that he never developed the people skills (or any other skills aside from the few good points previously listed) to carry on with any sort of normal life (his obsession with his brother is beyond unhealthy - any direct threats to Weiss are dealt with personally, with an overuse force and lack self control). He seems to believe that Weiss can save him from absolutely anything, and indeed is his one comfort. He stands well on his own two feet without him, yet his mind is very fractured and the line between friend and foe becomes very blurred.

Nero's softer, more personal side is only visible when dealing with a very select few. His level of loyalty is non-existent to most, but he is capable of forming relationships with other people. No matter how temporary they may seem to be. He breaks relationships for greater loyalties and purposes, usually burning those bridges on his way across. He doesn't care who he steps on or who he hurts as long as he gets his way.
Strengths: When determined, little can stop him from achieving his goals. Nero can be a leader when he has to be. He's conniving, deceitful, and isn't afraid to manipulate people's weaknesses to get what he wants. Nero does not think about the means he uses, he simply believes that they are justified in the end.

Nero has a dimension called oblivion at his beck and call. This dimension allows him to swallow up entire legions of soldiers, extracting everything from memories and the 'essence of death' if he so desires. Anything that goes into Oblivion is at his mercy. Only one has been able to escape it unharmed, and that is Vincent Valentine.

He's physically fit, very fast, and can wield multiple weapons at the same time.

He could also totally be a ventriloquist, considering how little his mouth seems to move when he talks.

Weaknesses: Weiss is, by far, Nero's greatest weakness. He has dedicated his entire existence toward making his brother happy and being allowed to live at his side. He's absolutely blind when it comes to his own safety when Weiss is in the picture. Any threat to his brother is met with near blind rage. He's also somewhat gullible when it comes to Weiss - most of DoC could have been prevented, had Nero not been fooled into believing that Hojo!Weiss was Weiss.

Nero's social skills are also sadly lacking. Though he is well spoken, he and people generally do not get along all that well. He sees them as little more than pawns, bears grudges, and thoroughly enjoys tormenting them. That said, he's clearly mentally unstable.

Nero can not fully control his own powers. He has to wear a restrictive suit, lest his powers go out of control.

History: The details of Nero's life are all unknowns. His childhood and early teens are kept in heavily coded, classified files on a computer system that no longer functions. What has slipped out are mere garbled snippets of information about his conception, early missions, holding status and the infamous events of the previous year.

Twenty-three years ago, Professior Hojo decided to carry on with Grimiore Valentine's forgotten theories. Nero the Sable was the product of two hundred failed attempts to merge stagnant life stream with a unborn human fetus, he was the only one to survive this risky experiment. His mother, a test subject who had already given birth to another powerful experiment, was sucked up into the void that came with the birth of her child. This other experiment, known as Weiss the Immaculate, was given the newborn infant to care for. Nero became Nero the Sable, and at a very young age, he was forced to wear increasingly complex restraints to keep his power in check. This, along with the brainchip implanted in all of DG 'patients' which prevented them from attacking the 'Restrictor', forced them to stay in line.

Under the influence of the tyrannical Restrictor, Nero was shaped into a ruthless warrior. They were trapped in a horrible, hellish reality, and he wanted out. He rarely saw the surface, as the facility of DeepGround is far, far underground, and the one confirmed mission he was on was to retrieve the injured Genesis Rhapsodos. At this point, Weiss, Nero and several other Tsviets had agreed that this could no longer go on and began to plan a rebellion. After Genesis declined the offer to join them, they began to take matters into their own hands. Which was difficult in itself, as Weiss and Nero were restrained in separate wings of the 'hospital'. Nero was chained to a massive pillar, and Weiss was confined to his throne.

Eventually, their golden ticket arrived. A young woman with a defective chip. With careful manipulation they lead her to defeat the Restrictor for them. Though, suddenly, the Tsviets found themselves without a leader. It is unknown if Weiss died before or after he was possessed, however he did indeed pass on - or perhaps held on due to a sophisticated life support system, however he was taken over by the neural data of Professor Hojo. In this state, Hojo convinced Nero that there was a way to restore his brother to full health, and go a step further, make him a god. Nero, in his single-minded willingness to serve and save his big brother, did not question this and took over the DeepGround, pretending to be his sibling.

DeepGround was all too eager to follow the man who had attained their freedom. Attacking all points of the world, the organization collected enough pure souls to sacrifice to create pure lifestream so that they could trick OMEGA, the ultimate weapon, into ascending and fusing with his brother. This went well, fairly well, until an attack on Kalm proved to alert the foe that would be their undoing. Vincent Valentine, holder of the protomateria, with even greater Darkness than Nero's own, made it his mission to find out the truth of his past and go after the group who was once again threatening the world.

Nero probably only rarely left the reactor a handful of times. He left once deal with Cait Sith, another to oversee the battle that was about to go down before their base, and again to handle an irritating thorn in his side known as Shelke Rui. This worked for a while, he stored her in his Darkness as he went back to make the necessary preparations. He was safe and settled up until Vincent arrived and easily dismissed two of the other elite Tsviets {or at least pushed them to their limits and they went over the edge on their own} in which he had to take matters into his own hands.

After an eventful battle, Nero - either overcome by his own insanity or truly hearing his brother's voice, he disappeared back to the throne room. He encountered them again later, relaying the information of his plans, and after they make a move to attack his dearest sibling. After Vincent makes a move to threaten his brother, Nero snaps, trapping Vincent and his companion, Yuffie, in his darkness. After discovering that Vincent has the power to escape, Nero traps him once more and takes him to a dimension in his darkness. After two more battles, a weak and exhausted Nero limps off to go see his brother and do what he can to protect him. At this point, Hojo has completely taken over his brother. Nero is unaware and limps towards him, arms outstretched, overjoyed to have his brother back again - but is stabbed straight through and tossed aside like trash.

Vincent and Hojo battle. While they are doing that, Nero pulls his soul from his body and waits for and opening, attaching himself to his brother while he's fighting. When Hojo!Weiss is struck down, Nero begins to communicate with his brother and brings his consciousness to the surface. Then, ignoring Hojo's pleas not to, he merges with his dear sibling and destroys Hojo in the process.

The joined brothers then make their way to OMEGA, merging with the WEAPON. IA climatic battle occurs. The brothers are defeated, collapsing though the ground to awaken their eldest 'sibling'. Nero, at this point in the story, is very much dead.

Would you rather...
Hear the Planet

Nero's birth and natural powers are seeped in the Darkness of the Planet. He has a deep connection with the Planet already - though it's not exactly to a natural part of it. Oblivion practically sings to him in canon, he's comforted by it's howls and controls the dimension completely. Along with that, he was in direct connection with OMEGA. Hearing the planet wouldn't be too much different for him, though the combination of light and dark might be a bit of a shock.

Roleplaying Samples
First person: [Crinkle, crinkle. A child's candy wrapper is being crushed by deft fingers. The sound is too close to the speaker, too loud to ignore, however it may be the softer sounds in the background - the scrape of a weapon pulled from the table, an unnatural, muted howling encompassing and echoing around the room.]

And to whom do I owe the pleasure of this... detour? [The voice is soft, perhaps polite, tinged with a dry accent - however there's an edge to it.] I should hope that the one responsible does not think that he can hide... Were it any other, I would gladly give thanks for this second chance, but I do not approve o these methods.

I do not fear your cheap illusions. Let us end this game before someone gets hurt. Where is my brother.
Third person: They screamed his name. Every moment of the day was punctuated by loud shrieks, booming cheers, blind worship. No matter where the Sable turned, someone was praising the work of their leader. Screaming it, foaming, beating and killing the weak so they could be a better army for the strongest of them all.

It was the way it should be.

Those first few days were the bloodiest. DeepGround was in a frenzy, wild with the shock of freedom. It seemed that only the Tsviets hesitated to join the worship - one in particular chose to avoid the celebration, instead locking himself in with their leader. Tactics, the people assumed. Their commanders were close, linked by blood, so ridiculously powerful that they had to be bound in two separate areas of the compound. It was not their place to question creatures who would be God.

No one suspected that their leader had died the third day. No one thought it was strange that Nero, the second in command, began to dictate their movements - saying that the orders came straight from Weiss himself. The Sable used their brainwashing to his advantage, twisting words and history until he had them completely under his thumb. It was dirty work. And it was all for Weiss.

"Hail Weiss!" The chorus still rang even now. Five Tsviets had shrunk down to just three - one had defected and was now the enemy. The other two remained in the throne room, watching, waiting. Weiss still lay motionless in his throne, while Nero stood as the loyal guard dog, just as they had since that third day. Soon that would change. It would all change.

"I will not let them hurt you," Nero still shaking with the rush of emotion he'd experienced moments before, murmured softly, kneeling next to his brother's throne. Pale hands carefully brushed his sibling's snowy locks away from his unseeing eyes. "Soon, my brother, we will be together again... I will not let them interfere."

Hail Weiss.

Hail Weiss.

Hail Weiss.

Failure was not an option. The Sable checked his weaponry, eyes narrowed to determined slits as he assured himself that he had enough ammunition to finish those two thorns in his side off once and for all.
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